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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. now at noon, he is only here for a few hours but president barack obama has a busy agenda while in san francisco and the policy he plans to push. and san jose university is speaking out about recent hate crimes and what the president is saying about who is to blame. and a school lockdown about an anonymous call about a gunman on campus. ktvu channel 2 morning news
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starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning -- channel 2 ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> this is president barack obama arriving just over an hour ago, he is scheduled for a world win visit. i am torii dash-cam calm. -- kyla campbell. -- torii campbell and we are live with what the president is saying about the immigration system. >> reporter: good afternoon, the president is talking immigration and touting economic benefits and he has just taken the state inside the china town station and we will listen live to president barack obama. >> we cannot close the door on diplomacy and we request not commit -- cannot commit
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ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. and it may be the tough thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our security. it is not the right thing for our children. [applauds] [applauds]. >> now this progress, and the potential in office remind us of what is possible and not just with the force of arms but our commitment to peace, that is what keeps us strong and makes us a beacon to the world. and it will continue so long as i am president of the united states. and that spirit, not just what we can criticize or tear down, what we can build together, that is what brings me here today because it is long passed time to fix our broken
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immigration system. [applauds] [applauds] >> reporter: and this was a big day for a lot of people who came down to see the president, many of them waited to get through security and they are glad the president is pushing forward on immigration. hundreds of people lined up early this morning, tickets in hand waiting to see president barack obama in person after passing through tight security, guests made their way through the gym at the betty young center and he is calling on congress to fix the country's immigration system. >> i would love to hear more on the dream act and what that will mean for young people living in america, right? >> reporter: this is coupled with tighter border security and the community resource center chairman will be listening closely to the speech. >> i want to hear from the president and my community
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wants to hear from the president that he will stop deportation. >> they want to hear them naming them after the flight attendant betty young who died trying to save the lives of others. >> for him to come to the center that was named after my sister betty and to be able to meet him is beyond words. >> reporter: outside of the immigration policies, they staged a demonstration this morning, one of many protests during his visit to san francisco. >> and interestingly enough, the president's stop left them fairly out of commit where the president is speaking live right now, you can see the streets in this area are shut
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down entirely and there is huge law enforcement and san francisco police, highway patrol, everybody is here and they are all waiting for him to finish his speech and he will be headed off to two other fundraisers this afternoon in san francisco. >> thank you, alex. the president is heading to the jazz center where he will speak at a democratic fundraiser and then headed to presidio heights home and at 3:30 the president is scheduled to go to los angeles for another fund raiser. and because of the president's various events, traffic is expected to be impacted throughout the city and one motorcade location to the other, you can expect to see rolling street closures. it comes as his approval
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ratings are falling dramatically. gallon roll tram is almost town to 54%. stay with ktvu channel 2 news and follow us on twitter where our crews will be updating on twitter the president's events and we will have complete events at 6:00 and weep have more -- we will have more on what needs to change on campus following the hate crime that happened to a student. four students are accused of a hate crime to one african- american student, here is what the president just admitted. >> reporter: the university
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president muhammed wants everybody to know that the university is taking accountability for what happened. he and the naacp is speaking at a news conference and they are condemning the actions of the students who are accused of racially taunting their roommate. he said by failing to wreck that's -- recognize the confederate flag -- [inaudible] >> we seem to have lost communication with janine de la vega on the racist all facings of that -- ratest allegations of the student but speaking of that, hate crimes were slightly down last year and the bureau's numbers were just under, down
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from 6200 the year before and and others were related by religious by juice. this was in in connect with not reporting the rape of a 14- year-old girl. the players were convicted this past march but the superintendent was charged with felonies, tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. two coaches and a principal were also charged with misdemeanors. >> how do you hold children accountability if you don't hold the adults accountable. >> the system case after
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receiving reports of a student with a gun on yale campus. he told his roommate he had a gun and was headed to the campus. at least two people saw a man with a gun on campus. students are on thanksgiving break a marine corp veteran is credited with saving a woman's life. she was apparently distraught when she jumped and it was at the end of a titans game. the man lunged to catch her and he was seriously injured. >> i yelled at her, please don't do it ten times and she crawled off the edge and jumped. >> authorities have not released her name or the name
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of the map who was there during her fall. regulators close and the contra costa a times tram she did no -- she did she did not mention her regulators and they did not catch the admission. a high school coach was killed while trying to help others. they have an event trying to honor him. will the cold last if you have to travel for the holiday? steve paulson will be here with
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year free thanks giving turkey and beal and we will tell you more coming up.
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. we have taken care of our technical problems so let's go
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back to janine de la vega with that alleged hate crime, janine? >> reporter: the president said he will take accountability for what happened here and he and the n aa c p are speaking at a news conference and they are accused of racially taunting their roommate. here is the statement, by failing to recognize the meaning of a confederate flag intervening or stopping the abuse or impose sanctions as soon as the gravity became clear, we failed him, i failed him. we marched with supporters to that news conference held at the tommy smith statue which is a symbol of civil rights and they had all their mouths taped as assist bell. -- a simple.
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many have expressed dissat faction. -- dissat faction. a 4th has been charged in juvenile court. they put a lock around his neck called him names and kept racist paraphernalia in their suite. activists are asking why they did not act more quickly. an incident expert will lead a proposed reform and people will receive better training to act on warning signs of abuse and they will act with students to discuss their concerns. now the black student union have said, members will be taking some action at the news conference and we are not sure what that is. as you see, they did have their mouths taped because they have
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not had a mouth in all of this and they have not been asking that they expel them rather than expel them and we will have more later janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. they are mourning the loss of a long time coach and teacher. they are remembering john web who was killed while driving on fremont. chp said he was trying to direct traffic away during the crash. the campus is stunned. >> even standing here, it is like, did this really happen? it is tough to take in. >> hundreds are expected to attend a candle light vigil
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will will be held tomorrow night. a shortage at the medical examiner's office is being blamed for long dedays -- delays. more than 30 cases have been waiting for a cause of death and the office is supposed to have four for forensic officers working and it only has 3. mayor ed lee will work on ways to fix the transportation system and after studying for months, it will cost $10 billion over the next 15 years to pay for repairs. they are recommending 3 measures to help pay for costs. thousands in need are getting help for thanksgiving didn't engineer and they are handing out food boxes.
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brian flores joins us live for more, brian? >> reporter: sacred heart has been handing out a free meal and what they are finding is donations are down this year and they are hoping the public can help and step up. thanksgiving is never an easy task and especially for thousands of struggling families in santa clara. >> residents have gone up and they have had cuts in food stamps reasonly. >> they have given away food to those families during the holiday. things like turkey, fresh produce, everything we take on a daily basis has been taken for granted. >> that is what i am grateful for, because i was not able to
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get a turkey at all. >> reporter: several families registered last week to receive a meal and this year has been he is parkly just -- just apparently just over 18% and food stamps are making it worse for many in the area. >> so many people are in poverty and this is also the land of poverty. they have also seen a drop in donations as well. >> 1,500 turkeys have been handed out as well. >> we see the need rising and unless there is a need we don't see them coming in. >> their goal is to handout
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4,000 turkeys by wednesday. >> they will be taking donations wednesday and they are still about 1,000 turkeys short. after this they will shall gearing up for the christmas holiday, ktvu channel 2 morning brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. many are expected to hit the road and traffics perts including our own sal castaneda is expecting it to be the busiest day and they must leave before 10:00 a.m. to beat the traffic jams. another half million are expected to fly and they are bracing for the crowds. airport officials are expecting to leave at least 90 minutes before the departure because more people are expected to fly this year compared to next
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thanksgiving. >> well, we call it severe clear, we have a spare the air day which does through midnight tonight and there was a hint or two much fog so again the air quality is not the best. we could sure use some rain but things have been bad since the begin being of the rain year and the beginning of the calendar year. we have some cloud cover as we head towards thursday so i have wouldn't worry about it and we will probably skirt the coast and we will head towards southern california and today and tomorrow it looks to be sunny and mild and not warm but a lot of upper 50s and lower 60s. a total much 1.6 9 which is
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just awful, 37% and for november which is well below the average, however the 10 and 15 day outlooks are very bully since going to december. our system is causing all sorts of problems even some snow to the north and it will be a major problem on tuesday and wednesday and all the way up to the northeast. we have the potential during the northeast, it is done pie thursday but it is looking very iffy. it will hold everything at bay and we had a lot of 50s and 60s but everybody is pretty close, san jose 61 and no big spread on these temperatures. we had some 30s all the way up
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to eureka and then we will dive in and that's the path we are going to take to sound california. unless you are headed to southern california it does not look like rain here. it is a quiet pattern and it will be cold again tonight as we return we will end up to 50s and 60s. we don't expect much but it looks like a very quiet pattern and sunshine temperatures, it is kind of a quiet week and it sure looks like it. >> a big difference to park and
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we will be bombing a globe ball anchor and we will tell you who.
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. we are mixed in light trading during the thanksgiving week, nasdaq is up 5 and s&p 500 is up 2. katie couric will be the quote, global anchor of a new ross line news operation.
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she is set to start next year and she will continue with her her broadcast jobs. we are working to find out about a three-year-old boy dead and two other the children injured plus continuing coverage on president barack obama's visit to the bay area. thank you for join us on ktvu channel 2 news, and you can follow us on and twitter.
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alex paen: right now we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]


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